I’m a soon-to-be old cat lady who loves collecting unusual objects and walking under light rain. As a curious creature, I spend most of my days making questions and observing peculiar aspects of everyday life. When I was younger, so much younger than today, the Beatles was already my favorite band. And although I love making lists, I find it very difficult to name my all time favorite song.

The closest I got to my childhood career aspirations of being an inventor was becoming a multimedia designer. In this role, I found the possibility of expressing my point of views through the creation of visual experiences. For six years now I have been working in the audiovisual, entertainment and motion industries. I had the opportunity to join great studios like Grupo Sal and SuperUber to develop work for clients such as Nike, Intel, Google and Globo. Right now I’m a Partner and Art Director for 18bis, a studio whose essence is a mixture between craftsmanship and computer, a conspiracy between ink and light.

I'm constantly seeking new experiences to expand my creative boundaries. Drop me a line if you have a question or inquiry; I'm available for international collaboration. Also, feel free to contact me if you want to be friends, send me a haiku or a picture of your adorable cat.